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    Top 10 Hard-to-Get Reservations in New York and How to Snag Them

    Discover the top 10 hard-to-get reservations in New York and learn expert tips on how to secure a table.

    A gourmet dish elegantly presented at the center of a bustling restaurant table. The dish features a delicately plated entree topped with a garnish of fresh greens, resting on a swirl of sauce. In the background, diners engage in conversation, with their hands casually resting on the table. Crystal clear wine glasses filled with sparkling wine add a touch of sophistication to the setting, accompanied by a basket of fresh bread and ambient candlelight, contributing to a warm and inviting dining atmosphere.

    New York City is renowned for its diverse and dynamic dining scene, offering an unparalleled array of culinary experiences. From Michelin-starred fine dining establishments to cozy neighborhood eateries, the city boasts an endless variety of cuisines and atmospheres to suit every taste and occasion. The restaurant industry is a vital part of New York's cultural fabric, attracting talented chefs from around the world who continuously push the boundaries of gastronomy. Whether you're seeking classic dishes executed to perfection or innovative creations that showcase the latest trends, New York's restaurants are at the forefront of the global culinary landscape.

    A vibrant and modern art installation, this image shows a neon sign with the cursive text 'this must be the place' glowing in a cool, teal hue against a geometric, multicolored backdrop with a pattern of interlocking red, orange, and white chevrons on a seafoam green wall. The playful and inviting sign serves as both a statement piece and a warm welcome, suggesting a location of interest or a destination point within an urban setting.

    With so many exceptional dining options available, it's no surprise that securing reservations at New York's most sought-after restaurants can be a daunting task. Many of the city's top establishments are consistently booked weeks or even months in advance, making it challenging for diners to experience the most buzzed-about spots. Factors such as limited seating capacity, high demand from locals and tourists alike, and the desire to maintain an air of exclusivity contribute to the difficulty of obtaining reservations. Additionally, the popularity of certain restaurants can be amplified by media attention, celebrity sightings, and positive reviews from influential critics, further increasing the competition for tables. As a result, diners often need to plan well in advance or be prepared to be flexible with their timing to secure a reservation at their desired restaurant.

    4 Charles Prime Rib

    An atmospheric photograph of a cozy, dimly-lit bar interior evoking a vintage feel. Dominated by warm, muted lighting, a classic stained-glass lamp casts a soft glow on the polished wooden counter, which is adorned with a tiered stand holding fresh citrus fruits. Assorted bottles and glassware gleam subtly on the shelves in the background. The scene is complemented by a framed oil painting of a contemplative individual, adding to the rich, historical ambiance. Above the bar, the phrase 'Watch your head' is playfully inscribed, cautioning patrons of the low overhead beam.

    Information about 4 Charles Prime Rib

    4 Charles Prime Rib is a cozy, upscale steakhouse located in the West Village. The restaurant specializes in prime rib, offering a classic and intimate dining experience with a focus on high-quality meat and exceptional service.

    Why is it So Hard to Get a Reservation at 4 Charles Prime Rib?

    Due to its small size, exclusive atmosphere, and popularity among celebrities and food enthusiasts, securing a reservation at 4 Charles Prime Rib can be a challenge.

    Don Angie

    An elegant and brightly lit restaurant interior with a view towards the street. The dining area features neatly arranged tables with glossy wooden surfaces, surrounded by stylish metal chairs with dark, curved backrests. Each table is set with fine glassware and neatly folded beige napkins, creating a sense of anticipation for an upscale dining experience. Overhead, spherical pendant lights cast a warm and inviting glow. The decor includes a long blue upholstered bench against a mirrored wall that reflects the restaurant's charming ambiance. The checkered floor adds a classic touch to the modern and sophisticated space.

    Information about Don Angie

    Don Angie is a modern Italian-American restaurant located in the West Village, owned by chefs Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli. The restaurant offers a creative take on classic Italian-American dishes, with a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients and innovative flavor combinations.

    Why is it So Hard to Get a Reservation at Don Angie?

    Don Angie has gained critical acclaim for its unique and delicious dishes, as well as its welcoming and trendy atmosphere. The restaurant's popularity and limited seating make it difficult to secure a reservation.

    TATIANA, By Kwame Onwuachi

    A sophisticated and modern restaurant interior, characterized by a harmony of luxurious textures and colors. The foreground shows tables set with sparkling glassware and black flatware, ready for diners. The tables are flanked by chairs with plush, dusty rose upholstery and golden frames, evoking a sense of refined comfort. A striking feature is the shimmering iridescent panel that vertically accents the space, alongside the soft glow of natural light filtering through sheer, golden-brown curtains. Dark green velvet banquettes line the room, paired with rich, burgundy-colored cushions, creating an atmosphere of opulent warmth. The restaurant's design seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with inviting coziness.
    Information about TATIANA

    TATIANA is a new Afro-Caribbean restaurant located in Lincoln Center, owned by chef Kwame Onwuachi. The restaurant offers a menu that celebrates the flavors and culinary traditions of the African diaspora, with dishes inspired by Onwuachi's personal experiences and cultural heritage.

    Why is it So Hard to Get a Reservation at TATIANA, By Kwame Onwuachi

    As a highly anticipated new restaurant from a celebrated chef, TATIANA has quickly become one of the most sought-after reservations in the city.

    Torrisi Bar & Restaurant'

    A tastefully decorated restaurant interior combining classic charm with modern elegance. The room is anchored by a striking dark green support column that matches the checkered black and white tiled floor. Round tables draped with crisp white linens are neatly arranged, each set with fine glassware and silverware. The warmth of the exposed brick walls is accentuated by the soft lighting from stylish pendant lamps. Mirrors with arched tops reflect the ambient light and add depth to the space. A bar with a marble countertop and shelves stocked with bottles adds a focal point, while potted plants bring a touch of greenery, enhancing the inviting atmosphere of the dining area.
    Information about Torrisi Bar & Restaurant

    Torrisi Bar & Restaurant is an Italian-American restaurant located in Nolita, owned by chefs Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone. The restaurant offers a menu of classic Italian-American dishes with a modern twist, using high-quality ingredients and innovative cooking techniques.

    Why is it So Hard to Get a Reservation at Torrisi Bar & Restaurant?

    Torrisi Bar & Restaurant has gained a loyal following for its delicious food, casual-yet-refined atmosphere, and exceptional service. The restaurant's popularity and limited seating make it a challenge to secure a reservation.


    A vibrant dining room exuding an eclectic mix of elegance and artistic flair. The space features deep blue walls with elaborate white trim and a luxurious golden ceiling. A long white tablecloth-covered table is set with colorful patterned plates, candles, and an array of Mediterranean dishes, inviting a festive group dining experience. Prominent black and white portraits add a dramatic touch, with one large image serving as a backdrop that draws the eye. The room is lit by an ornate chandelier, casting a cozy glow over the scene, and the floor boasts a decorative tile design, contributing to the room's dynamic aesthetic.
    Information about Carbone

    Carbone is a Greenwich Village Italian-American restaurant created by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi, and Jeff Zalaznick. The restaurant takes inspiration from mid-20th century New York Italian-American cuisine, updating traditional dishes with modern twists. The retro-glam space features patterned floors, unique art, and vintage photographs.

    Why is it So Hard to Get a Reservation at Carbone?

    Carbone is notoriously difficult to get a reservation due to its popularity among celebrities, foodies, and locals alike. The restaurant's limited seating and high demand make it one of the most sought-after reservations in the city.

    Monkey Bar

    A captivating image of the Monkey Bar restaurant in New York, radiating a warm and intimate ambiance. The room is filled with round tables covered with yellow tablecloths, each set with white plates and napkins, and lit by small, elegant table lamps with red shades. Lush green plants are interspersed throughout, adding a vibrant touch to the rich red leather banquettes that line the walls. The walls themselves are adorned with a large, striking mural depicting an animated, vintage social scene. Soft, ambient lighting complements the dark wooden floors, creating a cozy, retro-glam dining atmosphere.
    Information about Monkey Bar

    Monkey Bar is a classic New York City restaurant and bar located in Midtown Manhattan, owned by Graydon Carter. The restaurant offers a menu of American dishes with a focus on classic cocktails and a lively, sophisticated atmosphere.

    Why is it So Hard to Get a Reservation at Monkey Bar?

    Monkey Bar has long been a favorite among celebrities, media personalities, and locals, making it a challenge to secure a reservation, particularly during peak hours.

    Via Carota

    The inviting interior of Via Carota restaurant in New York, bathed in natural light from large windows. The rustic charm is evident in the exposed white brick walls, warm wooden floors, and varied wooden tables and chairs. Shelves along the wall display an assortment of pottery and wine bottles, enhancing the homey atmosphere. In the center, a column, showing signs of its age with peeling paint, adds character to the space. The setting is casual yet stylish, with a few plants providing a splash of greenery, complementing the earthy tones of the decor.
    Information about Via Carota

    Via Carota is a charming Italian restaurant located in the West Village, owned by chefs Jody Williams and Rita Sodi. The restaurant offers a menu of traditional Italian dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, served in a rustic and inviting atmosphere.

    Why is it So Hard to Get a Reservation at Via Carota?

    Via Carota has gained a reputation as one of the best Italian restaurants in the city, thanks to its delicious food, warm service, and cozy ambiance. The restaurant's popularity and no-reservation policy for small parties make it a challenge to secure a table, especially during peak hours.


    A sophisticated private dining area within L'Artusi restaurant, featuring a long, communal-style table set with crisp white plates and wine glasses. The elegant space is highlighted by a striking wine storage wall, showcasing rows of meticulously arranged bottles in a warmly lit, glass-enclosed cabinet. Above the table, a chic chandelier with multiple round lights casts a soft glow, adding to the ambiance. The room's modern decor, framed by large windows and accented with black trim, creates an intimate atmosphere for a refined dining experience.
    Information about L'Artusi

    L'Artusi is a modern Italian restaurant located in the West Village, known for its innovative pasta dishes and extensive wine list. The restaurant offers a menu that changes seasonally, showcasing the best ingredients from Italy and the U.S.

    Why is it So Hard to Get a Reservation at L'Artusi?

    L'Artusi has consistently been rated as one of the top Italian restaurants in the city, thanks to its delicious food, attentive service, and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant's popularity and limited seating make it a challenge to secure a reservation, particularly on short notice.


    A cozy and inviting bar scene inside Semma restaurant in New York, with bartenders preparing for service. The bar area is illuminated by warm lighting from pendant lamps with large, wicker shades that contribute to the relaxed, bohemian vibe of the space. Woven bar stools line the front of the white bar counter, which is topped with a sleek, dark surface. The backdrop is a lively, tropical-inspired mural that complements the earthy tones and textures of the decor. The ceiling's textured pattern adds depth to the atmosphere, inviting guests to unwind and savor the experience.
    Information about Semma

    Semma is a new Indian restaurant located in the West Village, owned by chef Vijay Kumar. The restaurant offers a menu of traditional South Indian dishes, with a focus on the flavors and cooking techniques of the Tamil Nadu region.

    Why is it So Hard to Get a Reservation at Semma?

    As a highly anticipated new restaurant showcasing a lesser-known regional cuisine, Semma has quickly become one of the most sought-after reservations in the city.

    The Nines

    An opulent lounge area that exudes a classic, speakeasy-style luxury with a modern twist. The room is drenched in rich, red hues from the velvet upholstered furniture to the sumptuous drapery. Golden ambient lighting reflects warmly off the gilded ceiling, enhancing the sultry atmosphere. Circular tables with polished tops are scattered throughout, each hosting a flickering candle, adding to the intimate glow. A sophisticated bar area is lined with high stools and backed by a curved, dark wood shelving unit displaying an array of spirits under elegant chandeliers, inviting guests to indulge in a timeless nightlife experience.
    Information about The Nines

    The Nines is a stylish American restaurant located in the NoHo neighborhood, known for its elevated comfort food and creative cocktails. The restaurant offers a menu that puts a modern twist on classic American dishes, served in a chic and inviting atmosphere.

    Why is it So Hard to Get a Reservation at The Nines?

    The Nines has gained a following among food enthusiasts and cocktail lovers for its delicious food, inventive drinks, and trendy ambiance. The restaurant's popularity and limited seating make it a challenge to secure a reservation, especially on weekends.

    How to Snag These Hard-to-Get Reservations

    Using a restaurant reservation resale marketplace

    Benefits of using a resale platform

    • Access to reservations that may not be available through traditional booking methods
    • Ability to secure last-minute reservations at popular restaurants
    • Convenient and time-saving way to book sought-after tables
    • Potential for exclusive dining experiences and special offers

    How it works

    • Sellers list their confirmed reservations on the resale platform
    • Buyers browse available reservations and select their desired date, time, and party size
    • Buyers purchase the reservation through the platform's secure payment system
    • The platform facilitates the transfer of the reservation from the seller to the buyer
    • Buyers receive confirmation of their reservation and any necessary details for their dining experience

    Other tips and tricks

    Booking in advance

    • Plan ahead and make reservations as early as possible, especially for special occasions or peak dining times
    • Set reminders for when popular restaurants open their reservation books
    • Be persistent and check for availability regularly, as cancellations may occur

    Being flexible with dates and times

    • Consider dining on weekdays or during off-peak hours, such as early evening or late night
    • Be open to alternative dates or times if your first choice is not available
    • Check for availability at the restaurant's bar or counter seating, which may have more flexibility

    Joining the restaurant's mailing list or loyalty program

    • Sign up for the restaurant's email newsletter or loyalty program to receive updates on reservation availability, special events, and promotions
    • Loyalty program members may receive priority access to reservations or exclusive booking windows
    • Engage with the restaurant's social media channels for additional updates and opportunities

    Checking for last-minute cancellations

    • Regularly check the restaurant's reservation platform or call directly to inquire about last-minute cancellations or openings
    • Follow the restaurant's social media accounts for updates on last-minute availability
    • Consider using waiting list apps or services that notify you of last-minute openings at your desired restaurants

    Top 10 hard-to-get reservations in New York City

    1. 4 Charles Prime Rib
    2. Don Angie
    3. TATIANA, By Kwame Onwuachi
    4. Torrisi Bar & Restaurant
    5. Carbone
    6. Monkey Bar
    7. Via Carota
    8. L'Artusi
    9. Semma
    10. The Nines

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