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Image for restaurant TATIANA, By Kwame Onwuachi
TATIANA, By Kwame Onwuachi
New York$$$
187 Listings Available
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Image for restaurant Carbone
New York$$$$
145 Listings Available
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Image for restaurant Cote Korean Steakhouse New York
Cote Korean Steakhouse New York
New York$$$
0 Listings Available
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Image for restaurant Lilia
101 Listings Available
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Image for restaurant Laser Wolf Brooklyn
Laser Wolf Brooklyn
45 Listings Available
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Enjoy access to a handpicked list of top-rated restaurants. Our team curates the most sought after dining destinations, ensuring every meal is an experience to remember.


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Book or sell reservations with ease and flexibility. Change of plans? No worries. Our platform allows you to easily modify or sell your reservations.


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Effortless reservation process with instant confirmation. Experience a hassle-free booking process with instant confirmation and secure transactions.


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Dedicated customer support to assist you with your needs. Our support team is available around the clock to help you with any inquiries or issues.


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Intuitive and easy-to-use platform for all your reservation needs. Navigate our user-friendly interface effortlessly to book your next dining experience.


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Access to exclusive deals on premium reservations. Take advantage of special offers available only to our users.

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Jonathan R.


Booked is an indispensable service for those who value their time and expect nothing but the best. I've secured tables at Michelin 3-star restaurants with just a day's notice. The exclusivity and convenience are unparalleled.

Victoria C.


In my position, dining isn't just about food—it's about creating experiences and fostering relationships. Booked ensures I always have access to the most prestigious venues, no matter how last-minute my plans may be.

Alexander D.

Fine Arts

Booked understands that for us, dining is an art form. Their curation of avant-garde and exclusive restaurants aligns perfectly with my tastes. It's reassuring to know that wherever I travel, I can count on an exceptional culinary experience.

Sophia A.


In our world, image is everything. Booked ensures I'm always seen at the right places. Their selection of trendsetting restaurants keeps me at the forefront of culinary fashion.

Richard K.

Private Equity

Time is money, and Booked saves me both. The ability to secure prime reservations without the hassle of waiting lists or making countless calls is invaluable. It's an essential tool for any serious business professional.

Elena V.

Real Estate

As someone who conducts business globally, Booked is a godsend. Whether I'm in New York, London, or Tokyo, I know I can access the finest dining establishments at a moment's notice. It's a level of service that matches my lifestyle.

Marcus B.

Venture Capital

In our field, we invest in convenience and exclusivity. Booked embodies both. It's not about saving money; it's about the seamless access to extraordinary dining experiences that align with our high standards.

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